Mastering Emotions & Cravings

A self-study mini course inviting you to practice emotion regulation tools in real time

This course is for you if you are struggling with food addiction, cravings and emotional eating and would like to learn about how to improve your ability to regulate your emotional responses and reduce mindless and addictive eating behaviours.

Course Overview

In this 1-hour mini course you’ll learn about the nature and purpose of emotions and cravings. Then we'll dive into learning and practicing five ways of dealing with emotions & cravings in real time.

This course is best completed as if it was a counselling session. Be sure to be in a quiet and private environment where you can listen, relax and practice the techniques I'm showing you.

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The course was very educational for me! It made me realise how many different emotions I have and got me more in touch with them. I think it would be beneficial for everyone, not just for people with addiction. 


Mini-Course Price

Mastering Emotions & Cravings

$29 AUD

  • Practice emotion regulation tools

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