Vanessa Kredler - coaching counselling psychotherapy

how can I help you?

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Welcome! I offer coaching counselling and psychotherapy. 

I specialise in food addiction, cross-addictions, eating disorders, weight loss, body image, stress, burn-out, anxiety, depression, relationships, work issues, and assist people in finding purpose in their lives.

I offer 1-1 sessions face to face and online, and sometimes run groups and workshops. 

Our work together will depend on what your goals are. Are you struggling with food addiction? Do you have multiple addictions? Are you seeking more meaning in life? Do you want to feel better and function better? Do you want to make better decisions? Improve your relationships with others? Develop more self-trust and self-esteem? Improve your body image? Learn to change patterns that no longer serve you? Learn to manage intense emotional states such as depression or anxiety? Are you recovering from burn-out or need to reduce your stress levels? Gain more control over your life? Is a specific issue or inner conflict holding you back? 

 My goal is to not just to help you cope. I believe that despite deep-rooted past traumas and ongoing challenges, every person can learn how to thrive and get better than well!  Many of us have developed unhelpful ways of living that in the past seemed like necessary survival strategies. Everyone can change. Post-traumatic growth is within everyone’s reach.

Message me on the contact form for a free 15-minute consultation to tell me what you're looking for.