Food Addiction Orientation

Your brief self-study course on food addiction & recovery

This course supports your learning about food addiction and about the first steps towards recovery. It's a 2-hour course spread across 4 videos. In the introduction, I'll tell you a little bit about the course content, my background and my lived experience.

Mini-Course Overview

You'll learn the basics about food addiction and I'm offering some definitions of food addiction, explain what the symptoms and consequences of food addiction are, the history and evidence base around the concept of food addiction, as well as a basic introduction to the science of food addiction and what causes food addiction.  

Next, I'll share with you some of the basics of recovery, starting with self-diagnosis, how to differentiate between food addiction and eating disorders and how food addiction is typically treated. I'll introduce you to five elements that are important to consider when building a food addiction recovery plan.

Lastly, I'll give you a few key pointers about how to get started on your recovery journey. You'll also get a list of references that I mention in the course if you'd like to do further reading about food addiction.

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Vanessa Kredler is well known in the food addiction community. Her educational background, her clinical experience and most importantly, her lived experience, make her an outstanding therapist and educator about sugar and food addiction.

Dr Vera Tarman, M.D., Food Addiction Expert & Author of Food Junkies: Recovery from Food Addiction  

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Food Addiction Orientation

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  • 2-hour self-study course

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